I’m a Seattle-area illustrator who focuses my work on the detail of things that might otherwise be overlooked.  While I see beauty in landscapes and broad vistas, I am inspired to highlight the complexities of ordinary objects.

I’m interested in how each individual interprets my work and what experiences it might spark from their own memories. Most of my pieces tell a story, whether from a part of my own life, or from someone else’s; those stories are open for interpretation.

You can see it in my illustrations of food: they are personal pieces to me with very specific memories, but those memories aren’t clear to the viewer.  Instead, that person is invited to explore how the objects got there, who is using them, in what setting, and why. I don’t provide that context, that story: that’s for them to craft using their imagination, their own characters, their own places.   

I mostly render on wood because I love the contrast of creating something crisp and recognizable with a natural background.  A wood canvas cannot help but become part of the art. Nature isn’t perfect, and as such my work incorporates those imperfections through the texture, lines, and holes that occur naturally in the surface of my canvas.

Being an artist was never a destination for me: it has always just been a part of my life.

I grew up in an artistic family with a pop artist father and artist friends.  I loved listening to their conversations, helping with their projects whenever possible, and was surrounded by art on the walls of our home, on posters, and in public displays.

My parents and family friends say that I was taken with art as early as a three years old.  I would trace around the outlines of countries on maps and made cut collages. I went from there to creating miniature animals and tiny plates of food out of clay, making endless sketches of the family,  filming short stop-action movies using a borrowed video camera, and making art out of graphic 1960’s ink stamps. For over thirty years, drawing, painting, sculpting, and experimenting with telling stories have been constant themes in my life.

I have a degree in performance and scenic design, and a B.A. (Hons.) in illustration from the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom.

Everything in my life has paved the way to this point. I am enjoying focusing my work on illustration and storytelling full time.  Art, like life, is an ongoing adventure!